Dental Cone Beam CT FAQ

What is Dental Cone Beam CT?

Cone beam computed tomography is a type of x-ray equipment used to create 3-D images of teeth, bone tissue, and nerves. This x-ray is used to help clearly see the dental structure to aid in treatment planning.

Dental cone beam CT is often utilized when traditional dental x-rays aren’t effective. CBCT offers high-quality imaging that can show dentists where dental problems are hiding and may help to diagnose certain dental conditions.

What does the Cone Beam CT process look like?

Patients are asked to lie or stand still in an exam chair or on an exam table for the scan. A gantry then rotates around the patient in a 360-degree rotation to capture high-resolution images. The actual scan takes 20 to 40 seconds and generates hundreds of 2-D images that are compiled to create 3-D images.

What do I wear during the scan?

Loose and comfortable clothing is recommended. Metal objects like jewelry, glasses, removable dental work, and hearing aids should be removed because they may affect the 3-D images.

What are Cone Beam CT scans used for?

Cone beam CT scans can help in many cases, through:

  • Dental implant placement
  • Treating jaw tumors
  • Determining bone structure
  • Identifying impacted teeth
  • Locating oral pain
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Evaluating the sinuses and nasal cavity

What are the benefits of Cone Beam CT Scans?

Cone beam CT scans offer multiple benefits to patients as they are:

  • Accurate
  • Non-invasive
  • Painless

These scans also offer benefits that make it easier to form treatment plans. Cone beam CT scans:

  • Show bone and soft tissue simultaneously
  • Provide more information than traditional scans
  • Show more angles and views in imaging
  • Have great image quality

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