Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions are a common task for many dentists. But how do you know if a tooth extraction is something you actually need? Dr. Melanie Andrews of Plantation Road Dental Care, a provider of family dentistry in Destrehan, LA, discusses the tooth extraction process and when it’s dentistry in destrehan, louisiana

When is an Extraction Needed?

At our office, we do our best to do the most conservative procedure possible. We want to save as much of your natural tooth as we can. But sometimes, an extraction can’t be avoided. Severe trauma, damage, or tooth decay may lead to us needing to take the full tooth. In addition, sometimes a tooth is extracted in order to make more room in an overcrowded smile.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

When you reach your late teens or early twenties, typically wisdom teeth start to erupt. We monitor them with x-rays during your regular dental cleanings to see if they’ll need to be removed. Typically, it’s recommended. This is because the mouth isn’t usually large enough for these extra molars.

If these molars erupt, they can cause the mouth to be cramped and your teeth to be overcrowded. This leads to issues with crooked teeth and uneven bites. If wisdom teeth become impacted, it means they try to erupt at an odd angle and can get stuck in this uncomfortable position. Any of these situations lead to a need for extraction.

Depending on the location of the molars in the mouth, we usually remove all four at the same time. In this case, we use sedation dentistry to ensure the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure. The wisdom teeth are removed from the jaw and the holes are sutured to heal. Gauze is packed in the mouth to soak up any blood from the procedure.

The Tooth Extraction Process

For a normal tooth extraction, it’ll be accomplished in one visit to our office. If you suffer from dental anxiety or request it, we can provide a form of sedation for you. We offer a wide range of sedation dentistry options and Dr. Andrews will recommend what she thinks is best for you. The full procedure will be gone over with you before you get into our office.

Once sedation is given and you’re comfortable, the tooth will be gently rocked from side to side in the socket. This gradually loosens it and makes it easy to remove. When it’s ready, Dr. Andrews will carefully remove it from the socket. Gauze is applied to help with bleeding, and the site is thoroughly cleaned and closed with a suture.

If you need or request a tooth replacement after your tooth is extracted, we’re happy to go over the options we provide. To replace a single tooth, we usually recommend dental implants. They’re extremely stable and are what most mimics the look and feel of a natural tooth. Dr. Andrews will talk to you about your eligibility and provide alternatives if you aren’t able to get a dental implant.

Family Dentistry in Destrehan, Louisiana

No matter the age, we’re able to take care of the tooth extractions you need. If you think you may need a tooth removed, call us or schedule an appointment online.