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Mouthguards An Overview

Custom made mouthguards can give your teeth the protection they need during sports and physical activity.

Sport-related injuries are one of the leading causes of dental trauma and tooth loss among children and young adults. To help reduce your risk of injury or trauma, custom-made mouthguards are designed with your unique features in mind. Mouthguards that are designed by an experienced dentist offer a multitude of advantages over traditional store bought mouthguards.

The Benefits of Custom Mouthguards:

  • Custom mouthguards provide a proper fit. An ill-fitting mouthguard may fall out during physical activity, which makes it less effective in protecting the teeth. Your custom mouthguard is created using your dental impressions and with your dental needs in mind. Once the mouthguard is ready, we will expect it for a proper fit.
  • Mouthguards should be comfortable. A custom mouthguard is created from an impression of your mouth, which means it can fit comfortably in the mouth and allow you to talk, drink, and breath easier.
  • Ultimate protection. A custom-fitted mouthguard will protect the teeth and surrounding area. Not only will it absorb the shock from the initial contact, but it will also distribute the impact properly, limiting the risk of damage to the teeth.
  • Mouthguards are cost effective. Wearing a mouthguard for sports and physical activity can help reduce your risk of injury. Utilizing your mouthguard when appropriate may help save you time and money in the long run. If you can take preventive measures now, you may be able to surpass needing a restorative procedure to repair and restore lost or damaged teeth.

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Mouthguards What to Expect

Receiving a custom mouthguard is a simple process that requires about two visits to our Destrehan dentist office. Dr. Andrews will take an impression of your teeth and mouth, and send the molds to a dental laboratory for fabrication. Once fabricated, you can pick up your custom mouthguards and put them to immediate use. Bring your mouthguard to your routine dental visits at least once a year so that Dr. Andrews can confirm the fit is still optimal and that the appliance is in good shape, ready to offer maximum protection.

If you or your child are involved in sports or any physical activity that can affect your smile, visit Dr. Melanie Adams for a custom mouthguard consultation.

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To learn more about the benefits of custom mouthguard, visit our team at Plantation Road Dental Care. We can work with you to create a mouthguard that is not only functional but comfortable too. To schedule an appointment, call (985) 231-2770 or request an appointment online.