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Root Canal An Overview

Modern dentistry has made root canal treatment more effective than ever before. Most patients believe that root canal treatment is a painful, lengthy procedure; however, root canal treatment is relatively painless and very similar to the dental filling procedure. Patients are often alleviated of painful and uncomfortable symptoms immediately after their root canal procedure. In most cases, root canal treatment can be completed in just one dental visit.

Why Is A Root Canal Needed? A root canal is needed when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected. Infection of inflammation of the pulp may be caused by advanced tooth decay, repeated trauma to the tooth, or crack or chip in the tooth.  If swelling or infection is left untreated, it can cause intense tooth pain or abscess.

What Are The Signs Of Needing A Root Canal? The signs and symptoms may vary, so it is critical that patients visit the dentist for a full evaluation. Only a highly trained dentist can determine if root canal therapy is necessary. Signs to look out for may include–intense tooth pain, tooth sensitivity, swelling, tenderness in the gums and surrounding bone structure.

Root Canals & Dental Fear

We understand some patients may be hesitant or fearful of the root canal procedure, so we work closely with them to ensure they are well informed and comfortable throughout their visit. In advanced cases, we may utilize sedation dentistry to help patients feel more at ease during their procedure.

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Dr. Melanie Andrews routinely performs root canal treatment in our Destrehan dentist office. Dr. Andrews often recommends root canal therapy to help avoid a tooth extraction and sustain the integrity of the tooth structure. After a thorough evaluation of the affected tooth, we will determine if root canal treatment is right for you. To learn more about your options, call (985) 231-2770 or request an appointment online.


Root Canal What to Expect

First, the tooth is examined, and then a local anesthetic is administered. Once the tooth is numb, a  dental dam is placed to protect the tooth from saliva and debris during the procedure. Dr. Andrews will make a tiny hole in the back of the tooth to access the interior pulp chamber. The pulp chamber and root canal are cleaned to remove any infected or diseased tissue.

After the pulp chamber and root canal are cleaned, a biocompatible material is placed to fill and seal the area. In most cases, a dental crown is recommended to strengthen the tooth and ensure the best possible result.

At Plantation Road Dental Care, we offer same day dental crowns. CEREC technology can often be used after a root canal to create a custom designed, high-quality dental crown during one visit to our Destrehan dentist office.