Tooth Extraction Destrehan LA

Tooth Extractions An Overview

A tooth extraction may be needed for various reasons. As an experienced dentist, Dr. Andrews aims to preserve the health, function, and integrity of the natural teeth whenever possible; however, there are internal and external factors that may result in needing a tooth extraction. A tooth extraction is only deemed necessary when it is in the best interest of the patients’ oral health and wellness.

A tooth extraction may be needed when:

  • The tooth is severely damaged
  • The tooth has advanced dental decay
  • The wisdom teeth are impacted
  • The tooth has undergone intense or repeated trauma
  • The teeth are overcrowded

A simple tooth extraction is considered a minor surgery, although it is completed in a relatively short visit. The length of the tooth extraction procedure will depend on the extent of damage to the tooth, the location of the tooth, and the overall health of the patient. We offer dental sedation options for anxious patients or those with a more complex procedure.

Dr. Mealanie Andrews performs most tooth extractions in our Destrehan dentist office. We offer a full range of dental sedation options to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout their visit. If tooth replacement is necessary, we offer a variety of tooth replacement solutions to restore your smile.

Tooth Extractions What to Expect

Dr. Andrews will review all aspects of the tooth extraction procedure before your scheduled extraction visit. In some cases, patients will need a form of sedation during their procedure. We will explain all sedation options and determine which type of sedation is right for you.

On most occasions, tooth extraction is completed in one visit to our dental office. Once the dental sedation is administered, the tooth is gently rocked back and forth to loosen it from the socket. After the tooth is prepared, it is carefully removed from the socket. Gauze is applied to the extraction site to reduce bleeding. The extraction site is then cleaned and prepared. If necessary, a temporary tooth is placed in the extraction site. Dr. Andrews will review all aftercare instructions to ensure you are well equipped for recovery.

Replacing Extracted Teeth

Depending on the location and number of extracted teeth, patients may need a tooth replacement solution. We offer a full range of tooth replacement options, including dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges. Dr. Andrews will work with you to determine which tooth replacement option is ideal for your smile. Dr. Andrews will help coordinate all phases of the tooth replacement procedure.