Do You Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

Improving the look and feel of your smile can help boost your confidence. But it can also help improve your bite and restore your oral health. Cosmetic dentistry in Destrehan, LA, can often be recommended for patients who suffer from damage or disease in their teeth, gums, or jaws. While many treatments are often considered purely cosmetic, they can be extremely beneficial in many instances. If used for restorations, cosmetic dentistry may even be partially covered under your dental insurance. After examining your smile and bite, your dentist can determine if you need cosmetic dentistry.

COSMETIC DENTISTRY in DESTREHAN LA can also be restorative

How Cosmetic Dentistry in Destrehan, LA, Can Be Restorative

Cosmetic dentistry treatment can often help improve the look and feel of your smile. But that’s not the only use for many treatment plans. Just like how restorative treatment can provide cosmetic benefits, cosmetic treatment can provide restorative benefits as well.

Damage Restoration

When our teeth suffer damage, such as a chip or fracture, our oral health is at a greater risk of disease and further damage. Some cosmetic treatment options can help protect your teeth and gums while also bringing your smile back to its natural beauty. Treatment such as tooth bonding or porcelain veneers can reshape and adjust the look of your teeth. But they can also protect your teeth and restore damage.

Improved Oral Health Habits

While it may not seem like an obvious connection, cosmetic dentistry can also help improve your at-home oral health routines. Patients who have invested time and money into improving their smiles tend to work harder at maintaining them. Treatment such as teeth whitening can help you feel more inclined to brush and floss properly, helping you keep up with your oral hygiene and prevent damage or decay.

Replacing Missing Teeth

When you’re missing teeth, your smile and face can be greatly affected. Not only do gaps show in your smile line, but you can start to experience facial sagging due to bone loss in your jaw. Some treatments, such as dental implants, are both cosmetic and restorative by nature. Implants can help retain the bone and structure of your jaw. The restoration can help bring your smile back to its natural beauty.

Cosmetic Treatment and Insurance

Most dental insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic treatment. However, if you receive cosmetic treatment for a restorative need, you may be able to receive partial coverage. Your dentist can help you submit a dental claim that has notes and x-rays attached to prove that the treatment was needed for restorative reasons, not just cosmetics. While insurance is still unlikely to cover the full cost of treatment, you may be able to receive partial compensation.

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